Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birthday Books

I made myself a birthday calendar book a few weeks ago using the instructions on Nichole Heady's blog here. I liked mine so much I decided to make one for my sister too. Now that she is retired, she wants to start sending birthday cards to everyone in our rather large family. I think there are about 45 of us now and trying to keep up with everyone's birthdays can be challenging.
The actual calendar pages I downloaded from Nichole's blog. Inside the envelopes you can store stamps, and labels for the month. I like to hand address all of my birthday cards, but I am going to store the addresses in the pockets so that they are handy.

This was the first project that I used my Rubicoil for. I've had it for along time, but I never even took it out of the box. It was incredibly easy to use. Simply punch the holes and twist on a coil. Easy peasy!

I recently started a full time job (which I am liking very much so far), so I have less time for stamping and blogging. But I am hoping to still post. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Thanks for visiting!